About the Author

My name is Grigor Fedan, a journalist by training and a historian by avocation. Grigor FedanMy professional life has been dedicated to social research, and my personal one to an internal search to define who I am. This involves meditation.

Until recently I was plagued by chronic depression. I used the tools at my disposal to figure out why. This process became my first novel, Dream maker: A Mystical Tale. I believe that by postulating all the questions I had I triggered a dream of a past life. Recently I read “The Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker and found that behavioral scientists have been hacking away at this aspect of my novel and reached similar conclusions, i.e. that the root cause of depression and other mental ailments is a general fear of the uncertainties of life, chief among them, our fear of dying. However I feel that my exploration is more holistic because I also include the spiritual component of our beings. Two years after publishing I decided to stop distribution only because the story was too personal. However, a year later I discovered that used copies were selling for an outrageous price and decided to re-release the novel. At first I thought of doing a major rewrite, but changed my mind and left the original book intact to honor the person I was when I wrote it.

My second novel is a very different book. As I said, history has been my avocation, and I’ve always had a particular affinity for the Knights Templar. I felt compelled to write The Templars, Two Kings and a Pope, to set the record straight because I’ve long felt that they have been grossly maligned, misunderstood and their contribution to our way of life ignored. In conducting the research I developed a keen sense of kinship with the fighting monks and their story became an obsession, but one that I truly enjoyed. I found myself uncovering not just the truth about the Knights Templar, but also about Jesus’ teachings. I agree with the Amazon reviewer who described the story as “the true search for the Holy Grail.” As fantastic as it seems, the novel (as two other Amazon reviewers have stated) relates a true story, or as close to the truth as I could get. We owe much to the ancient Templars, not just the mystical secret they held so dear and saved for our sakes, but also the fact that we have democracies today. I feel I did justice to their story down to the smallest detail of their lives. They certainly deserved as much.

My third and last novel will be set in the future. If my first two novels are any indication, I imagine it will take me a good seven years or so to write it.

The Templars, Two Kings and Pope Grigor Dream Maker: A Mystical Tale