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The Templars, Two Kings and a Pope

John L. Palmer, KTCH, KCT, 33ยบ, Managing Editor,Knight Templar Magazine(June 2009) "Unlike most fiction about the Templars, this exciting historical novel has been painstakingly researched...the detail is incredibly accurate, so if you are interested in the day to day lives of the ancient Templars, here is presented an opportunity to learn about them and to have a fun read at the same time..." 

Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review(Summer 2009)."A truly riveting novel from beginning to end, this is the stuff of which Hollywood blockbuster movies are made!" 

Knight Templar Jim Russell, KofP, Texas: "...(a) perfect storyline to be savored...a balance of historical fact and esoteric knowledge that has seldom been brought to the public's eye. A must read for the modern Templar..."

Ron Holland, International Bundesbrief Society ( Swiss heritage): "...enjoyed the attention to detail...many of the (same) conclusions I have shared for over a decade researching the Templars."

Neal Watt, Texas: "Grigor Fedan has written a great read based on his studies of the Templars and medieval history...I believe my brother Masons will find great interest in Mr. Fedan's book."

Beth McKenzie, Reviewer, MyShelf.com: "I approached this book as a student of the middle ages, as a member of a Masonic family, as a person interested in Gnostic teachings, and as an uninformed reviewer. When you read  "The Templars, Two Kings and a Pope," as every person seeking spiritual enlightenment will be drawn to do, you will be delighted with an intricate midrash for seekers in the 21st century."

William C House, Editor,Reversespins.com(May 2009): "Compelling historical fiction unlike any other." 

Dustin Collins, Washington: "One of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down..."

Mike Akers, California: "...if you love the middle ages, this is the book to read, if you really want to know and understand the Templars, this is the one to read."

Jack McCallum, Tennessee: "I am honored to preview your book, and hope to see it one day in a first rate movie. It's that good!"

Peter Leever, The Netherlands: "I enjoyed (the book) tremendously. I gained insight into the Templars' tactics, weaponry and hierarchy. Thanks for all the pleasant reading hours."

Lora Cline, Arizona: "I finished it in two days...I couldn't put it down...it touched me profoundly."

Dave Archer, Isle of Wright, U.K. "Excellently researched and written...great insight into the Templars. Compelling reading from the first page, even better than The Da Vinci Code. A must read for everyone..."

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